Product Profile

The structure of Raymond mill:

Raymond mill,the key equipment of powder production line, is widely applied in ore materials grinding. It is suitable in many fields, especially in metallurgy, construction, chemical and mining.

Raymond mill is composed of main body, reduction gear, classifier, pipe line, blower, dust collector, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic feeder and electronic control system.

The Handling Materials of Raymond Roller Mill:

Raymond Roller Mill is suitable for grinding of all kinds of materials whose Moh’s hardness is below 9.3, such as calcium carbonate, barite, dolomite, calcite, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, marble, gypsum, quartz, feldspar, clay, talc, fluorite, clay, white mud, mica, refractory material, glass, total about 1000 kinds of materials.

Working Principle

Internal structure and Working Principle of Raymond Roller Mill:

The standard configuration of Raymond Mill consists of main unit, reducer, powder classifier, cyclone powder collector, dust cleaner, blower, control cabinet motor and pipes. The optional accessories include crusher, bucket elevator, feeder.

Big materials are crushed by jaw crusher to the required particle sizes, and carried by bucket elevator to the storage hopper, and are fed evenly and continuously by vibrating feeder into the main unit for grinding. The grinded powder are carried by the airflow from the blower to the classifier to be classified, the particles which meet the fineness enter cyclone collector through pipe, and are separated and collected there. They are discharged at the discharging valve to become finished products; The airflow is sucked to the blower by return pipe on the top of cyclone collector. The whole airflow system is a sealed circulation, and is circulated under positive and negative air pressure.

Product Features


With the same powder fineness and motor power, the capacity of Raymond mill is more than twice as high as jet mill , stirred mill and ball mill.

Long service life of quick-wear parts

Because the grinding roller and ring is made of special materials, their service life is highly prolonged. They can be used for at least one year when processing common materials. As for calcium carbonate and calcite, the service life is between 2-5 years.

High safety and reliability

The wearing of bearings and seal-parts can be avoided because there is no rolling shaft pin and screw inside the cavity. And the Raymond mill could not be damaged by loose screws for the this design.

High product fineness

The product fineness can reach 5μm with the standard of D97.


Pulse dust catcher is used to catch dust and muffler is used to reduce noise, which is environmentally friendly and clean.

Technical Parameter

Model YGM7815 YGM8314 YGM9517 YGM4121 MTM1600
Roller quantity(piece) 3 3 4 5 6
Diameter(mm) 260 270 310 410 440
Height(mm) 150 140 170 210 270
Ring Inner Diameter(mm) 780 830 950 1280 1600
Height(mm) 150 140 170 210 270
Feeding Size(mm) 15 20 25 30 35
Finished Size(mm) 0.613-0.033 0.613-0.033 0.613-0.033 0.613-0.033 0.613-0.033
Motor Powder(kw) 18.5 22 37 75 132
capacity(t/h) 1-3 1.2-4.6 2.1-5.6 2.8-10.5 5-20
Overall Dimension(mm) 4300*3500*5100 5300*4100*5200 7100*5900*7900 9200*7250*9700 12550*5700*8250

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