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What’s the Price of Ultra Fine Mill Machines?

Date:2018-08-31 16:29

In fact,sales most understand customers mood, customers are most interested in is how much the price? how about the quality? As we sell the ultra fine mill, a lot of customers come our company and ask the price of ultra fine mill, without considering the performance of the ultra fine mill, model, and what used to process the material.

First to introduce our treasure the ultra fine mill, it is specialized processing equipment superfine powder and superfine powder fineness can be adjusted according to the needs of customers, divided about several ultra fine mill models:

HGM80 / HGM90 / HGM100 / HGM100A / HGM125, different types of specifications is not the same, ultra fine mill price will be different, the price is between Tens of thousands to several million, specifications may refer to the diagram, you can according to their needs be optional.

Our company is a stone powder making machine production base, production, marketing, sale as one of the processing base, we are tailored to customers ultra fine mill machine, fully meet customer demand. Since the issues that customers care about it is the price of ultra fine mill machine, then i tell you the price of our company production and the ultra fine mill!


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