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Maintenance of mtw Trapezoidal grinding mill

Date:2017-12-13 08:26

 MTW Trapezoidal grinding mill is more advanced than the Raymond mill, has more reliable performance, better efficient output. In daily use, we should pay attention to the maintenance of trapezoidal mill:


① Preparation before boot. Ensure that the working pressure of the cylinder entering the mill is stable, that is, to maintain a certain amount of load;、

② adjust the feeding mechanism. According to the size of the flow, adjust the limit screw position to ensure the relative stability of the mill work flow;

③ feed is uniform, roller mill maintenance and maintenance rate is stable;

④ check whether the temperature of the material is rising, pay attention to the adjustment of suction mechanism, timely reduce the material temperature;

⑤ pay attention to adjust the rolling distance. It is mainly adjusted by the staff according to process requirements, by adjusting the rolling monotone wheel length, and then locking the hand wheel lock;

⑥ pay attention to promptly clean the surface of the roller, use brush to clean up the surface of the residue.  

In other cases, we can observe the changes in energy consumption through automated operation and ammeter. Infrared thermometers measure the temperature of the roll surfaces, bearings and motors. In the drive system, the temperature rise of the part can be detected by the smell of the oil, the oil and the conveyor belt. Abnormalities in roller bearings, belts and other machine components can be visualized by machine vibrations that can be sensed in running rolls.  


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