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Lowering Your Grinding Mill Temperature and Make it Cool Down

Date:2018-08-10 10:38

Because the temperature in the summer itself is much lower than that in the outdoor. And a relatively simple and effective method is to reduce the indoor temperature. If some cooling measures are taken, such as the installation of fans and air conditioners, a very good cooling effect can be obtained, and then the temperature of the grinding mill can be reduced.

As for the outdoors working environment of grinding mill is more difficult to controlling. The most easy and common way to reduce the temperature of grinding mill in outdoors is put up a shack for it. But it’s also hard to make the grinding mil’s temperature cool down. So you can change your grinding mill’s work time. Make the grinding mill work earlier in the morning, and later at night, and give the grinding mill more time to rest at high noon temperature.


To be honest, no matter the grinding mill work in a indoor environment or outdoor; reduce the grinding mill temperature is very possible. I will give you four tips and hope can help you to use grinding mill correctly.
1.Remove dirt and and oil stain on grinding mill to ensure cleanliness of the grinding mill body.

2.Timely disperse heat of grinding mill’s engine when it’s working, and add lubricating oil on time.

3.Do a good job of safety precautions.

4.Replace the grinding parts in time.


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