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How to celebrate the new year in China?

Date:2018-01-04 08:25

1. Clean up the dust, dust, sweep the roof and the ground for a year, clear the road for the new year.

2. Decorate the house with traditional Chinese colors (red and gold reflective paper) to represent wealth and good luck.  3. Put flowers and plants in the house. They symbolize the rebirth and new vitality, but also to ensure the prosperity of the coming year. 4. Pick some peach branches and flowering cypress branches, or a few basins of aromatic white daffodils, they can bring good luck.

5. In the Chinese-style restaurant to eat the Spring Festival feast, also you can take them home.  6. Cook your own lucky dish, including oysters (good luck and success), fish, representing more in a year, lettuce, on behalf of wealth.  

7. Drums drumming off the bad luck of the year in the New Year. 8. Participate in the local Spring Festival parade.

Shanghai Clirik Wish you have agood luck in new year!

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