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Petcoke grinding mill for sale in zimbabwe

Date:2017-12-04 10:16

Use of Petcoke Powder

Coke is a kind of solid fuel. According to different uses, there are three categories including metallurgical coke, foundry coke and chemical coke. By size, block coke, broken coke and coke chips. It is mainly used for smelting steel or other metals, but also for the manufacture as raw material of water gas, gasification and chemical. After Petcoke Powder mill processing, the use of coke powder is wider.

Petcoke grinding mill for sale in zimbabwe

Petcoke grinding mill is a device that breaks Petcoke into powder by grinding, Such comminution is an important unit operation in many processes. It is usually used in Metallurgy, building materials, chemical and mine industries. In spect of petcoke, this kind of grinding mill can grind Barite, quartz, feldspar, mica, calcite, talc, apatite, gypsum, fluorite, limestone, dolomite, diatomite, ceramic soil, clay, marble, granite, fly ash, kaolin, calcium carbonate, slag, bauxite, glass, etc. Final Product size is 325-3000mesh. and if you need 80-325mesh, or coarse powder making, we have Raymond mill and coarse powder mill for you.
If you need any of them, please contact us now to get details info and price!

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